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  • We are called

    26th January 2020

    God has a longing for us to be in his family and he says that we are called into relationship with him. He wants us to have a face to face connection and he wants this because he loves each of us so much.  Our perceptions of who God is can smear the actual picture of how God is and how he wants us to be in his family.  What is your perception of God? How do you see him today?

  • MAF - Mission Aviation Fellowship

    19th January 2020

    This Sunday we heard from Ben Sibthorpe who lives in Australia with his family and works with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) Ben shared with us the great work that he has been doing and the people that the organisation can help. 

  • Looking at the year ahead

    12th January 2020

    The first part of this podcast Tanya Sibthorpe shares with the church how their holiday to Australia went and what the family got up to while they were away.  The second part, Daniel Sinthorpe shares with us where we will be heading this coming year on our church journey.   

  • Joy

    15th December 2019

    This week we continue our Advent theme and today Peter Kember spoke to us about Joy.  It's easy for our joy to be missing when life is busy, especially at this time of year but in this podcast, Peter explains to us that being Joyful is part of who we are meant to be.  Peter looks at three areas of our lives that are affected by Joy, 

  • Peace

    8th December 2019

    This week Clare Wilkinson shares with us how we can have peace in this busy time and how that can look different for each of us. 

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Bubble Sunday

When: Sun 9th May 10:30am - 11:00am
Where: Facebook

During this Sunday we will be hearing from someone within the church, this will be a prerecorded session that you will be able to find on the living waters Facebook page. 
The idea of a Bubble Sunday is that after listening to the service then we have a chat with somebody about what we have heard. This is a great way of connecting with others may be via Zoom or Facetime although we realise during lock-down this can be tricky.
There will be no coffee zoom today. 

Not sure how to find us? Get in touch.

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