Youth & Children

Welcoming the whole family

We are committed to presenting and teaching the Christian faith, in a relevant and enjoyable way, for children and young people of all ages.


Our vision is to be a community where we can love and support our children, young people and their families beyond just a Sunday.

Our heart is to create an environment where children and young people can build an intimate relationship with God, connect with him and hear his voice, so they are able to discover and show their ‘true colours’. We want to help each young person grow into someone who will love God; love and serve others and the community; introduce others to Jesus and live in the freedom and fulfilment God intended us to live in.


For the time being, due to the pandemic, we have amalgamated our provision for our children and young people to provide online activities and social distanced events from family quizzes, QR trails, charity events and regular meetings. 


Sunday Crèche, Crew and Youth 

We run zoom sessions twice a month where children have the opportunity to relate to each other and have fun playing games, thinking about God and praying for each other.  Most of the children/young people who join these sessions are from Crèche (age 3 and below) and Crew (primary school age 4+) but our Youth (Secondary School) are welcome and do sometimes join too. On the other Sundays, we encourage  the youth and crew to join in the church 'bubble' Sundays with their families, as they reflect and discuss the week's topic.  

True Colours Facebook Page.

For safeguarding reasons, this is a private group and access can only be given by our youth and children's team. On the page are notifications of when zoom sessions are, worship songs, activities linked to our topic each week and information on specific events. 

For more information or to have a chat about any aspect of our Youth and Children's work, contact our Youth and Children's team on 01275 344955 or e-mail them via the website link.

Safe Working

We believe we have a responsibility to nurture and care for every child and young person who is part of True Colours. We have procedures and policies in place to try to ensure that this is the case, and encourage ongoing discussion about our duty of care. We follow the procedures laid out in the Safeguarding Policy and Safe Working Guidance. Every team member is also DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked and receives safeguarding training.


We love Living Waters because...

It was great finding a church where people worshipped passionately, included children and supported even young children to follow God.

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Bubble Sunday

When: Sun 27th Jun 10:30am - 11:00am
Where: Facebook

During this Sunday we will be hearing from an external source from the church that we are associated with, this will be a prerecorded session that you will be able to find on the living waters Facebook page. 
The idea of a Bubble Sunday is that after listening to the service then we have a chat with somebody about what we have heard. This is a great way of connecting with others may be via Zoom or Facetime although we realise during lock-down this can be tricky.
There will be no coffee zoom today. 

Not sure how to find us? Get in touch.

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