Meet the team

You will often hear us say that ‘we are an us’. That applies to the whole church and as a ‘body’ each person is valuable and has a part to play. 

We have an amazing family of people who help and serve within the church. We haven’t listed everyone here however we have added a few useful contacts. 

Leadership Team 

We have decided not to have a single leader but a leadership team that are committed to growing relationally and serving the church. 

Whilst we are all different and may have different gifts and roles we collectively lead the church. 

The leadership team consists of:
Dave & Clare Ackrill
Chris & Clare Wilkinson
Pete & Kate Worthington

Our desire is to be real and approachable. We are not super humans, we can get things wrong like anyone else but our passion is to follow Jesus and our intention is to love and serve each other. 

Management Team

This team help to manage the practical day to day and behind the scenes activities to help us function safely and well. 

Ruth Fingleton (Chair of Trustees)
Willem Aalbers (Trustee and Finance)
Russ Gregory (Trustee)
Joy Mears (True Colours team leader)
Emily Read (Worship team leader)
Clare Ackrill (Administrator)

We love Living Waters because...

My friends help me when I am sad and I do the same for them.

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Sunday Service

When: Sun 30th Jun 10:30am - 12:30pm
Where: Clevedon School Hall, BS21 6AH

Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to come and join us.

Not sure how to find us? Get in touch.

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