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  • Strength for today

    3rd January 2021

    As begin the year Daniels shares how God gives strength for today and also hope for tomorrow.

  • Christmas message

    20th December 2020

    The Christmas service was a wonderful time to ponder the mystery of Jesus the light of the world. How can we align our life to allow His light to shine through us?

  • joy carriers

    13th December 2020

    Our third Sunday in the advent and Charles and Joyce share about how to be a person who carries joy into every situation.

  • My Peace I give

    6th December 2020

    It's easy to think that when Jesus ascended to heaven He left us here on earth alone, but in this message, Daniel explains that He left us something very special. His peace, nothing on earth is like it.

  • Around the kitchen table

    29th November 2020

    It's the fifth Sunday of the month so here is something a little different. Patrick and Diane Regan from Kintsugi Hope talk to Clare from 'Care for the family' about life, kids and mental health.

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