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  • Discipleship

    20th October 2019

    This Sunday we heard from Daniel and Beth Barone as they shared what discipleship means and how that works out in our lives.   We are designed to be in relationship with others and this is what discipleship is all about. Listen to this podcast and hear more about how we can be disciples to those around us. 

  • Why i don't want to live by the rules anymore.

    13th October 2019

    Rules!! Some people love them and some people find them a great challenge to see how you can work around them. Whether you like them or not, the good news is that we don't have to live our lives being bound by rules. God sent Jesus so that we can live a life that is connected to God and in this place, we find all the resources, love and freedom we need rather than being bound by shame and fear. 

  • Our relationship with God

    6th October 2019

    The first part of this podcast Pete Worthington shares with us a vision that God has given him about a building in Clevedon. The second part Pete talks about our relationship with God and he shares from the story of Daniel. 

  • The Wall - Richard Gamble

    29th September 2019

    This Sunday we had Richard Gamble with us, God has shown him an amazing vision of a wall of answered prayer which will be a national landmark of hope. Richard shares with us his journey of this vision and where they are up to now.  You can find more information about The Wall here  

  • Four strong legs

    22nd September 2019

    If a chair has a wobbly leg it may not seem much but it will cause all the other legs to lose strength and ultimately the chair will collapse. Daniel gives us four ways we can have confidence in God to encourage and strengthen our faith.  

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