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  • Are you living in reality

    7th November 2021

    We have been given our five senses and also a brain to process all this input. Does that mean we see everything properly? Daniel challenges us that the truth is only found in God's opinions, not our experience or observations.

  • Living in peace

    18th July 2021

    Is it possible to live in peace? With all the challenges we face how can we remain in a protective bubble of peace. Have a  listen and find out.

  • The God of the comeback

    3rd July 2021

    The bible is full of comeback stories. We love a comeback but do we also like to give others that second and third chance that God gives us.

  • Finding Wisdom

    27th June 2021

    Ben Hull looks at how we find and discover God's wisdom. It would be wise t have a listen

  • Seeing the Father

    20th June 2021

    Do we really see things clearly. Does our view of God as a father affect the way we act towards HIm and distort our expectation of His actions towards us?

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It was great finding a church where people worshipped passionately, included children and supported even young children to follow God.

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