Our Team

It takes a huge team to make the church work. Here are a few of the key people


Clare Ackrill is our church administrator

Clare is a star and works in the office two days a week. If you need any help you can ring her Mon or Tues, if she's not there she will get back to you a soon as she can.

Clare and the team of volunteers at the Hub make the church run smoothly and most of their hard work goes by unseen.

If you want to get involved give Clare a call 01275 344954





            Tanya Sibthorpe looks after all things Sunday

It takes an enormous number of people in different teams to make a church function well. Tanya looks after the teams that make Sundays work. From the warm welcome as you arrive  to the offer of a meal with someone from the church,Tanya is behind it somewhere.

If you want to be in a team just mention it to Tanya and she will find somewhere for you to serve.

Church is more fun when we are all taking part so get involved somewhere and be surprised.




Joan Taffs looks after our Mission area

We support many missionaries all over the world and also support work in the uk.

We believe in equipping people to get involved in their local community and in other groups that have nothing to do with the church. We are all called to reach out to others and so if you have a good idea get in touch with Joan and the team.

If you would like to visit one of our projects over seas let Joan know and we can help you plan a trip.

If you are passionate about mission in any way have a chat with Joan and find out more.




Daniel and Tanya Sibthorpe took on the leadership of the church in Nov 2006.

Daniel was a furniture maker before getting involved with the church as a youth worker reaching out to the young people in the local town; he was also a worship leader.

Tanya who is from Australia is passionate about helping people; she is currently overseeing a large part of what happens on a Sunday morning. They have two adult children Campbell and Ella who are both involved in the life of the church.

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