Our Wider Connections

Living Waters Church is not directly connected to any denomination.

This has some benefits but also has some risks.

It is possible to become isolated and insular and without others who have a watching eye over the church error can creep in to theology and practice.

To ensure this does not happen we have strong links with other organisations that can keep us connected with the body of Christ in the nation.

We are members of the Evangelical Alliance and CTiC.

Evangelical Alliance

The Alliance is the largest body serving evangelical Christians in the UK, and has a membership including denominations, churches, organisations and individuals. In its formative years the Alliance particularly stood for the victims of religious persecution and enabled evangelicals from different denominations to work together.

View our listing on the EA website


We are delighted to be working very closely with 13 other churches in Clevedon. Wherever possible we work together rather than separately. We run joint alpha courses, have united services during the year, and send a joint Christmas card to the town. The leaders meet monthly to pray and seek God about his vision for Clevedon.

Churches Together is “a fellowship of churches which confess the Lord Jesus as God and Saviour, according to the Scriptures, and therefore seek to fulfil together their common calling to the glory of the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit”.


George Műller Foundation

We are in a church partnership with the George Muller Foundation.

Rob Scott Cook the chairman of Műller's is in connection with the leadership on a regular basis to encourage prayer and connection to the local community.

Over the years Műller's has been involved in our youth and children’s work and has been a constant source of support and advice as we have reached out to the local community. 

Our Wider Connections

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