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In November 2012 Living Waters Church started an exciting partnership with Compassion UK. We have linked with a church in Kisumu, Kenya, who with the help of Compassion are rescuing children from absolute poverty one at a time in Jesus' name.

Compassion's church-based projects are setting children at a place of importance at the table of Kenya's future. Currently, there are over 80,727 registered children in more than 316 projects since Compassion began work in Kenya in 1980. Kenya also currently has 32 child survival programs and 261 active leadership development programs.

As a church we have sponsored nearly 50 children in the same project and there is the chance to expand that if more people would like to be involved..


The project

The project is called "key to life Kisumu Child Development Centre" project number KE-434. It located about 4 kilometers southeast of Kisumu.The church Partner is Key to life church Kisumu

Here are some photos that are of the area not specifically the project

The community

The community of Manyatta B is home to approximately 100,000 residents. Typical houses are constructed  of dirt floors, mud walls and tin roofs. The primary ethnic group and most commonly spoken language is Luo.


University is the highest level of education available, although very few children have the opportunity to attend. Vocational training opportunities are also on offer but trade choices are limited to tailoring, knitting and mechanics. The population would benefit form financial help with school fees and material like uniforms and text books.


Most adults in Manyatta B are unemployed but some work as laborers, earning the equivalent of £22 a month. The economic landscape is severely challenging with the average unemployment rates of around 60%. Improved farming methods, micro- finance schemes and employment opportunities would help people to improve their standard of living.


HIV/AIDS, malaria, typhoid and tuberculosis are constant threats to the community. Other health problems are more common when the regional diet of maize, beans, fish, bread, beef and rice become scarce, typically between October and December. The nearest medical facility is just under two kilometers away, a distance that takes 30 minutes to cover on foot.

Social Issues

Some of the social issues could be alleviated though welfare schemes for the aged, custody for orphans, family strengthening and counseling services.


Manyatta B is situated on flat terrain and experiences a humid climate with a wet season extending from March to June. The community plants crops in March and harvest begins in August.

The Church

There is a need for evangelism and discipleship in Manyatta B. Under the leadership of Pastor Geoffrey Nyakundi, Key to Life Church Kisumu serve the community through its compassion-assisted project. The church own the project building which has an electricity supply  and access to a telephone. Church services are held in Kiswahili and English.

Project Activities

Each compassion Church partner seeks to meet their community's need in culturally appropriate ways. Key to Life Kisumu Child Development Centre has devised programs tailored specifically to the children it serves.

In order to ensure that the children develop physically, the project provides nutritional food, medication, healthcare and hygiene classes, as well as organised physical activities.

The main religion in Manyatta B is protestant but children registered at the project come form a variety of religious backgrounds. The staff and volunteers seek to share the gospel with them in a sensitive, appropriate way and nurture their spiritual growth through singing, worship, Bible stories, weekend challenges and the example of  good Christian role models.

Many children have no safe place to play outside of the project's walls so staff members take care to encourage their social and emotional growth through group activities, projects and singing games. Their schooling is also supplemented by extracurricular tuition.

The project's care extends beyond the children. Their families are also involved in project activities, mainly through educational training sessions.

Compassion partnership

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