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The Cow Project, Burundi

We support a project to help hill farmers acquire cows and grow food so that they are well nourished and give good milk yields. Our support helps to buy cows, which are given to hill farmers who are also supplied with seed to enable them to grow suitable food for fodder. Once the cow has calved and the milk begins to flow the farmer is able to use some of the milk for his own personal needs, sell the remainder back to the project, and in time pay for the cow that was donated.

These cows are a real life line for villages and farmers. Their families not only get better nutrition and are consequently healthier, but they have a sustainable income too. The milk is also taken by the project and sold in the towns.

We are also contributing towards a machine which pasteurises the milk so that

it keeps longer and is in better condition than it would be in its raw state.

As the farmers are able to buy their own cows and repay the loans this is then reinvested in the scheme to help other farmers obtain cows.

Evariste, who runs the Cow Project, also feeds milk to some of the approx. 5000 street kids of Bujumbura. He plans to open a street café where the kids can come and have a cup of milk for free.






Chrissie Chapman- Bujumbura, Burundi

In the 90's following the genocide in Burundi, Chrissie began a work to help orphaned children, called Children Rescued in Burundi. Three of them, Lydia, Ben and Hannah, who was healed of HIV, she adopted.

There have been more than fifty children in the CRIB work, and today all but one have finished school, and the others are involved in further education or they have a job. 

She has written a book about her life in Burundi, called "The Night the Angels" came, and this is available from www.amazon.co.uk

Click here to watch the amazing story about Grace, whose life began down the toilet, but who was rescued and brought to CRIB.

Chrissie's Newsletter of June 2019 is below.

"Dear Friends

Quite a lot of changes since my last news/prayer letter went out at Christmas so I thought I would begin with family and personal news before bringing you up to date with CRIB news.

Not too many changes with my own three children:

Lydia is still loving life in Kigali with Dylan who is growing up fast. He will be 4 in October, is loving school and now ....life with swimming lessons is exciting for him.

Ben continues to push forward with his music and is very excited to have his last song now on 2 Spotify play lists...and he’s a huge hit here in Africa when his song and video African Love made it on TRACE TV.  So, for Ben things are opening up in both Africa and the UK and he seems to be splitting his time between both countries at the moment.  Expecting and believing for some big changes in the next few months.. watch this space!

Hannah is plodding on and she also is really looking to make some changes in the weeks ahead... exciting and daunting!

On a more personal note, I want to bring you up to date on my current situation. For the past 29 years I have been blessed to have regular personal support from my home church, United Life in Surrey UK, for which I am very grateful.  Their support and care for me and my family has enabled us to give ourselves fully to the many children the Lord has brought to us.  Due to recent changes at United Life Church, it has become clear that they are no longer in the position to be able to continue with the level of financial support they have so graciously and generously provided.  My work here in Burundi is still far from completed. When the lord called me to Burundi and ultimately commissioned me to reach and rescue the most vulnerable, I knew it was not just a season, but rather a lifetime commitment.  In view of this, the Lord has enabled us to care, raise and educate over 50 children in the CRIB Centre.  My desire, as their mother, is to see each one released in the full potential of who God has destined them to be.  I am reaching out to you my friends and supporters to ask if you might consider a level of future support for me personally on a regular monthly or one time gift basis. If you are interested, or would like information on how to facilitate this, please contact Jean Cordle, my friend and UK administrator.  Her email address is: jeanlccrib@aol.com.  This is a new and rather humbling experience for me. It has always been a joy to reach out on behalf of the children at CRIB and not be concerned with my personal support.  CRIB registered under the charity Rainbow Mission Trust, is set up in such a way that personal support is not permitted. In light of this I am reaching out to you.

Those babies and children who came to me when I started CRIB in 1994 are all now young adults. In a couple of weeks time we will have another 7 graduate, 1 from A levels and the other 6 from IGCSE’s.  That actually only leaves 1 youngster left at the Kings School who is in her last year!   We are expecting that one of the girls graduating the IGCSE course will go back to take A levels.  So, 2 students only from CRIB in King’s School next year.  How amazing is that!  It seems like only yesterday we started the school to educate this bunch of traumatised babies.  The Lord is so good; we are coming to the end of a season with Secondary school

It is thrilling for me to now start seeing some of our University graduates coming back home after completing their degrees.

Moise got a BA in engineering in Oklahoma, worked in Nigeria for 18 months and is now back living and working in Burundi with a Christian NGO who are digging wells to provide clean water for people all over Burundi.

Grace also graduated in Oklahoma with a BA in journalism, took a year out to work in USA but just returned home this week and will be starting a new job within a couple of weeks with a Christian NGO here in Burundi, reporting on situations here to raise awareness and funds to help the most needy. 

Samuel also graduated in Kenya with a BA in journalism; heʼs helping out in the King’s School at the moment while looking for an internship to get some experience.

We still have Keve, Enoch, Niyongabo, Esther and Rebecca in universities in Kenya.

We are hoping Andrew who graduates A levels will also aim to study in Kenya.

We are still trying to get Maria back into a nursing / midwifery course, having discovered it is almost impossible to change schools...but we are trying to get a place in Kenya.

The group in Uganda are coming to an end of their college courses also and most will graduate this summer. Just Edward will have one semester left to complete his mechanics.

Itʼs great to see them coming to an end of these courses and the challenge now, of course, in the months that lie ahead is for them to try and get work, to start to earn some money and learn how to be independent ....which is not easy in Burundi. 

Work is hard to find and even for those who have graduated in the country with degrees it is almost impossible to find a job.  It is quite a challenge for us here at CRIB because we have already a number of kids still living at CRIB who have left school but are not earning anywhere near enough to be independent, so with this large group who will leave school next month we need to get creative with some of these less academic youngsters to see what small business projects we might be able to start ourselves.

Life is never boring, that’s for sure, and with the family the Lord has given me, I don’t think I will be retiring for a few years yet!  Actually....does one ever retire from one’s children?   Unlikely, I think!

The situation in the country at this time is pretty peaceful.  Elections are planned for next year, so please keep Burundi in your prayers.

Once again I thank you for your continued love and support.

Every Blessing


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