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God is sufficient for us

Chrissy Chapman lives in Burundi, Living Waters Church supports her and the work that she does in an orphanage out there.

This Sunday Chrissy shared with us what life has been like out in Burundi and how God is taking her on her journey with the work that she is doing.  Chrissy encouraged us to hold onto the promises God has given us and remember that he is sufficient for us in all circumstances.

This is a really great podcast and will definitely be an encouragement to you.


Sunday 28th February 2016



The Life of Naomi

Today we have been looking at the book of Ruth and looking at the life of Naomi.

In this podcast Daniel Sibthorpe looks into the life of Naomi. Sometimes we can blame God and other people for situations that happen in our lives but when we are on the path that God wants us to take then he will lead and guide us along the way.

If you are feeling pulled down by the situations around you then listen to this podcast and find the path that God has for you.

Sunday 21st February 2016



The book of Judges

Pete Worthington shared with us from the book of Judges today.

We looked at some of the stories in this book and how we could apply what the people had learnt in our lives today.

We were specifically looking at how we can keep our lives free from idols that would separate us from God, when we are in connection with God we can then hear his voice and what his plan for our lives is.

If you are searching to hear God's voice and want to know his plan for your life then listen to this podcast and be inspired by the book of Judges.

Sunday 14th February 2016



What does friendship look like

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at what it is to be going on a Journey,
In 2016 we are on a journey with our friends to freedom.

Today Daniel Sibthorpe was encouraging us to think about friendships and what they look like. Daniel used some of the friends of God in the Bible as examples of friendships and how God had certain people that he called friends.

The ultimate friendship we can look at is the Trinity and how they love and serve each other, this is how our friendships with each other should look like.

This is a great Podcast and really worth listening too, find out how you can grow in your friendships today with God and others.

Sunday 24th January 2016



Continuing on our Journey

As we go into 2016 we have been encouraged to think about the journey we have been walking on and where we are heading.

Daniel Sibthorpe shared from the old testament where Moses was leading the Israelite  people into the land that God had for them, he kept his eye on the destination as he went on the journey.

Listen to this podcast and be encouraged as you walk the path that God has for you this year.

Sunday 10th January 2016


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