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My Grace is Sufficient for you

Summer Series Part 6

This is the final instalment of our summer series. Daniel Sibthorpe finishes with chapter 6 of Galatians. He explores how Paul keeps encouraging us that there is a new and better way to live, the way of grace.

Listen to this one and be inspired but why not also listen to the whole series again.

You can never get enough of God's Amazing Grace.

Sunday 25th August 2013



Don't try doing it yourself

Summer Series part 5

John Williams continues our series on how Grace is the all we need for life. Looking at Galatians chapter 5 form the message version.

Have a listen and be blessed

Sunday 18th August 2013



Three principles of grace

Summer Series Part 4

Peter Kember continues our summer series with some practical pointers on grace. Have a listen and be blessed

Sunday 11th August 2013



Living in the promises of God

Summer Series part 3

Our series on grace continues as Charles Sibthorpe shares from Galatians chapter 3. He explain clearly that we are all clothed by the grace of God. This garment makes us all look like Jesus and covers every mistake we have made and rubs it out.

Be inspired by Gods Grace again.


Sunday 4th August 2013



Grace and Freedom

Summer Series part 2

As Christians we do not need to be bound by rules and regulations anymore. God sent his son so that we can have a life of freedom.

In this Podcast Joyce Sibthorpe shares with us how we can have a life of freedom by the grace that god has for us, all we need to do is connect with God  and tell him how we need him. He has all the resources that we need.

 Listen to what Joyce has to say and find your Freedom today.

Sunday 28th July 2013


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