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His Divine Power - Part 2

This is the second part of Daniel Sibthorpe sharing with us how we can access God's divine Power this Christmas and that it is freely available for us .

Christmas is a busy time with lots of things happening and lots of visiting friends and relatives, these times can be fun but sometimes stressful so why not go into this year knowing that you can have peace through the whole  Christmas season.

Listen to this Podcast and find out how you can be the person of peace and goodwill this Christmas.


Sunday 8th December 2013



His Divine Power - Part 1

The bible tells us that Godís divine power is available for everything we need. So why do we struggle to live in that reality?

Daniel Sibthorpe looks at examples from the bible and shows how Jesus always looked at why people were behaving in certain ways and not just what they were doing.

As you  head into this Christmas season and the challenge that it can be sometimes why not get equipped with more of His divine power.

You will find that when you have what you need you can give others what they need.


Tuesday 3rd December 2013



People of Power

 Life can be tough sometimes and we go through times where situations can be hard to deal with.

Charles Sibthorpe shared with us the exciting message that when we are filled with the spirit of God we have Power and we can see God move the mountains that are in front of us.

Are you feeling a little dry and need refreshing or you want to know more about the Spirit of god, then have a listen to this podcast and be refreshed and revived!


Sunday 24th November 2013



Be more Sheep!

Sheep tune into the voice of their shepherd, the shepherd guides his sheep and looks after them and keeps a look out for his flock.

God does the same for us, God speaks to us but do we as sheep tune into his voice and hear what God is saying to us.

In this podcast Daniel Sibthorpe shares with us how we can hear the voice of our shepherd.

We all need to hear God's voice and being in contact with God's voice is the safest place for us to be!

If you are struggling to hear the voice of your shepherd but would like to know more on how you can hear his voice then listen to this podcast and start a new journey hearing what God has to say to you.


Sunday 17th November 2013



Vision for the youth and Children's work in the Church

 This Sunday Tanya Sibthorpe who is the Area team leader for the Youth and Children's work in the Church and Clare Wilkinson who is the Youth And Children's Coordinator, shared with the Church the fresh vision that God has given for the work in this area.

This is a really exciting Vision and one that everyone in the church can play a part in!

If you weren't at Church on Sunday then listen to this podcast and ask God if this is something that he wants you to be involved in!!

Tuesday 12th November 2013


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