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stay strong while waiting

Advent is a season of waiting, you may just be waiting for your turn to get a chocolate from the calendar or you may be waiting for something under the tree.

In this seasonal message Daniel Sibthorpe looks at people who were waiting in the bible, not just those waiting for the messiah but also those waiting in faith to see a promise fulfilled. If you are waiting for God in a particular area then listen and be encouraged.


Sunday 14th December 2014



Finding Freedom

In the bible it says that God wants us to live in Freedom.

As we go into 20015 our Vision is that we will be going on a journey together with friends and finding freedom.

In this Podcast Daniel shares with us how we can find freedom and also looks at some of the areas that we can have freedom in.

Next year we want to find the freedom that God has for us and break free of those things that hold us back, all fear, shame, worry can all be gone by us giving these things to God as we journey together.

This is an exciting time for us as a church, Do you want to be part of our Journey next year? Do you want to journey with your friends and see them free from the things that hold them?

Listen to this Podcast and come and join journey.

Sunday 7th December 2014



Friendship and Freedom

This week Daniel Sibthorpe has continued to share about our vision for next year which is " we are on a journey with friends to freedom"

Daniel has been unpacking what some of this means and where we are heading as a church of people.

This week Daniel shared with us about being friends with those people around us and what that means. Jesus had 3 close friends while he was on this earth but even they let him down at times.

we are all on a journey and we all need friends around us to love and share life with. Our journeys sometimes have good times and bad times but through loving our friends and supporting others we will find freedom in our own lives.

Listen to this podcast and find out more about how you can love others and find freedom in your own life.


Sunday 30th November 2014



We are on a Journey together!

When you go on a Journey you are going from one place to another.

As a church we are going from one place and journeying together to another.

As we go on this journey our relationships with each other will grow stronger and that is what others will see, God shining through us.

If you want to be part of the journey we are going on in the next year then listen to this podcast.

Sunday 23rd November 2014



Showing mercy to others

In James 2 it talks about Mercy triumphing over judgment!

 Daniel Sibthorpe encourages us to live in a culture of showing mercy to others in this podcast. 

As we do this God will give us mercy back! It isn't our job to judge and change others but we are to show mercy to people and give people value.

This is a great podcast, listen today and be inspired.

Sunday 16th November 2014


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