Our missionaries Burundi

Chrissie Chapman, Burundi, Central Africa

CRIB (Children Rescued in Burundi)

During the genocide in Burundi in the 90’s Chrissie Chapman began a work to rescue children who had suffered unimaginable hardship and lost their parents in the crisis that took place then. Her commitment to these children has gone way beyond the call of duty, as she has adopted three of them Hannah (left), Ben, and Lydia (right).

Today there are more than fifty children in the CRIB work, who also go to The King’s School, a Christian school where they are educated in English, along with other children from the city. More than thirty of them are in secondary school, and others have gone on to further education or work.

visit CRIB's website at www.burundichildren.com


"Dear Friends

Christmas is almost here again and what an amazing year this has been to look back on, full of the most crazy challenges mixed with some of the greatest blessings.    So let me start with the blessings, always a good place to start.

In July it was my greatest joy to be able to attend the graduation ceremonies of both Hannah and Ben.  What great achievements for both of them to have completed their degree courses.

In January, Hannah will go back to University to begin a law conversion year and she will remain in London to do this.   Benjamin is exploring all his options in the direction of singer / song writing and released his first single in November ...look for it on sound cloud or you tube, it is called Kelly.

Lydia is still in Kigali and working in a management position in a local hotel and she is doing well.   Dylan celebrated his 1st birthday in October;  he is now running around and growing up so fast.

We are all looking forward to being together in Burundi for the Christmas holidays, a rare occasion for us all to be in the same place at the same time.

Life in Burundi continues to be a HUGE challenge. The tension and political turmoil in the country continues, famine is a major problem, as is getting the amount of food we need on a daily basis to feed so many.

It is difficult to even try and predict what the future is going to look like in Burundi.  Many feel that with the extent of the political and ethnic issues at this time, it is impossible to see how this situation can ever end peacefully.  All we can do is continue to pray and trust the Lord for wisdom to know each day what to do.

Right now we are in the process at CRIB of trying to find other colleges and places for study for as many of our young people as we can.     Over the summer the American Government put a ban on all student visas for Burundians to be able to get visas to study in the USA. So the two girls we had places for at Santa Barbara City College were turned down for visas and couldn't go.    It was very disappointing but since then we have found a college in Uganda who have agreed to take the two girls for the hotel management and catering course diploma so all is not lost.  They will start their course in Uganda in January.

We are now looking at this college and others in Uganda and Kenya to see what courses might be available for some of our other youngsters who will graduate this summer.  We have another nine young people to add to the list of those needing to leave for further education.

As I write this letter I am just at the end of a twelve-week tour, having been seven weeks in Canada and then a further five weeks in California.  This has been a very busy three months with lots of meetings and my book has sold really well in every place I have visited.  It has been a really good trip both renewing friendships and making many new friends and contacts as I have travelled around. I will return to Burundi in a couple of weeks’ time on the 9th December.  As challenging as life is back in Africa, it is home to me and I have missed everyone so much and really can't wait to get back.  Please continue to pray for us and for this little nation of Burundi.

Please also join with us in praying for our CRIB family, that the Lord will help us find the right colleges and training centres for all those who graduate and need to get further training and education.   I am keen to try and get as many of our kids as possible out of Burundi for a season so that they can really find themselves as individuals and find God’s plan for their lives.  There is nothing quite like getting out of the nest to bring maturity and get them to find their own faith wings!

Once again I thank you so very much for your continued love and support.

I wish you all a very Happy and Blessed Christmas and New Year.



The Cow Project, Burundi

We also are supporting a project to help hill farmers acquire cows and grow food so that they are well nourished and give good milk yields. Our support helps to buy cows, which are given to hill farmers who are also supplied with seed to enable them to grow suitable food for fodder. Once the cow has calved and the milk begins to flow the farmer is able to use some of the milk for his own personal needs, sell the remainder back to the project, and in time pay for the cow that was donated.

These cows are a real life line for villages and farmers. Their families not only get better nutrition and are consequently healthier, but they have a sustainable income too. The milk is also taken by the project and sold in the towns.

We are also contributing towards a machine which pasteurises the milk so that it keeps longer and is in better condition than it would be in its raw state.

As the farmers are able to buy their own cows and repay the loans this is then reinvested in the scheme to help other farmers obtain cows.

Evariste, who runs the Cow Project, has also started feeding milk to some of the approx. 5000 street kids of Bujumbura. He plans to open a street café where the kids can come and have a cup of milk for free.


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